When No One's Looking
(##-2020)   20x16 oil on Masonite

This painting is based loosely on Happy Hour, by Carl Barks (painted in 1995, just five years before his death), which was Barks's only vertical money bin. I wanted to try a new version of it, but with Scrooge's head slightly more "on model." I really liked the idea of a large, vertical money bin, filled with treasure and coins, but limiting the figures to just Scrooge, making him look as joyous as possible. My other goal for the painting is to have just a single light source, the small candle to Scrooge's right. When finished, this will, hopefully, make for a dramatic scene with a very strong focal point.

This stage of the painting is still very early. The drawing has been transferred to the Masonite and first coats of paint have been applied, but the first coats aren't done yet. Once the first coats are done, I'll be able to go in and starting refining shapes and lighting with the second coats of paint. I'll post updated images as I go.

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Happy Hour by Carl Barks.