Carl Barks: Paintings and Drawings 1966-1971 Book Trailer

The Kickstarter book trailer for Garvin's newest book on Carl Barks.

Between 1966 and early 1971, Barks completed over 184 paintings, more, by a wide margin, than any later period of his painting career. These paintings, which form a visual record of his search for a new artistic identity, are from the only period of Barks’s lifetime of work that hasn’t been fully explored – until now.

The Landon School of Illustrating and Cartooning

The mail-order cartoon course taken by Carl Barks, Floyd Gottfredson, Roy Crane, Milton Caniff and many others.

In the early 1900s, Landon's pioneering mail-order correspondence course was made possible by a confluence of events: The exponential growth of automobile usage and production, making delivery of mail faster and more reliable; the innovation of industrial printing presses which helped fuel the rapid expansion of newspapers and readers; and finally, the resulting celebrity of cartoonists, inspiring an army of young boys who desired to become one.