The Twenty-four Carat Moon
(circa 1980s)   16x20 oil

This painting is based on a story by Carl Barks published in Uncle Scrooge No. 24. Barks.
It was done in the mid 1980s: I can tell because my signature is the same that I use now, but the painting itself isn't very good. The ducks aren't on model, I hadn't yet learned Barks' composition techniques (dynamic symmetry!), and the values and colors are all over the place. Still, I was proud of it at the time and took it along on one of my visits to Barks' studio. He was very polite and encouraging, especially praising the nebula effect in the background which added some color and broke up the pure blackness of space (an effect I stole from Frazetta, I think...) Later, when Carl was kicking around for ideas for new lithograph paintings, I reminded him about his space and underwater stories -- which he had yet to draw upon for paintings!

If I were going to do the painting today, I'd approach it completely differently, but I'm impressed with my younger self's willingness to try something original, unafraid to fail spectacularly.


First page to Barks's story published in Uncle Scrooge No. 24.

This small Polaroid snapshot is the only record I have of this painting.

Later, I used the idea for my wrap-around cover to The Barks Collector.