The Golden Christmas Tree #2
(#03-2020)   18x14 oil on Masonite

This painting is a recreation of The Golden Christmas Tree (#26-75) by Carl Barks. The collector who commissioned it wanted a red sky, closer to the original comic, so I experimented with creating an energy plasma effect, which turned out pretty well, I think. He also wanted Donald's head from the comic and a few other changes, like removing the shadow effect which was doing something strange to the ducks' feet.

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$3000.00 US SOLD


The Golden Christmas Tree by Carl Barks.

Donald Duck FC 203
, cover by Carl Barks.

The drawing transferred to Masonite. There were a couple of drawing mistakes I would have to correct at the painting stage -- Donald's feet are too big, for example, and the hat's shape wasn't quite right.

First coats of paint. At this stage, everything is really rough but I'm beginning to feel confident the painting will turn out okay.

Second coats of paint. Still a lot of color work to do, but the painting is coming together.

Almost done. Need to add a blue glaze on the snow to soften the white streaks and blend out some of the purples at the bottom. Need to punch up the sky and do some edge refining all around.