sea cruise
Let's Take A Sea Cruise
(#01-2020)   16x20 oil on Masonite

This painting is based on Reading the Scandal Sheet (#14-72) by Cart Barks. It was commissioned by one of the original collectors of Barks Disney oils who wanted to showcase a different comic book cover: the
classic "sailboat" cover from Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #108. He also wanted a Mickey Mouse head based on the 1930s mouse. The only other change I made was making the lower left corner a little brighter, since I didn't want my signature to be as bright as Barks's original. Everything else I kept as close as I could to the original.

$5000.00 US SOLD.


Barks's cover to Walt Disney's
Comics and Stories
No. 108.
Barks Reading
Barks's original oil painting:
Reading the Scandal Sheet
 (#14-72). (Click image.)
jg holding painting
Garvin holding Let's Take A
Sea Cruise
. May 06, 2020.
 (Click image.)